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Tradition and Innovation

"Tradition is the preservation of fire and not the worship of ashes"

Gustav Mahler

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The kitchen

which cannot ignore the concept of good, fair and clean raw material of excellence. Raw materials from small producers with an infinite passion and love for their work. A stop at the Osteria Al Gigianca is an opportunity to get to know this way of doing and experiencing catering, with the certainty of finding in the dishes you will taste, all our love and that of the people who made them possible thanks to the precious fruits of their work. Our Kitchenit is sincere and authentic and combines a strong link with the local tradition with an idea of continuous research and innovation.

The Cellar

with more than 200 labels including Italian, French and rest of the world wines. A cellar with a strong and never banal personality that Luigi Pesenti, passionate and expert sommelier, has conceived with the idea of stimulating the curiosity of both the enthusiast and the neophyte for a journey through the best wine productions of both large and renowned producers, but above all small realities capable of producing wonderful wines to be discovered and loved. The rich proposal is completed by a small selection of Italian craft beers and a vast choice of spirits and liqueurs.

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Farm Pig
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